Secure & private

Secure & privateSecure & private

Privacy and security are our number one priority. Know your data is securely protected whilst maintaining full ownership and control over how you use it.

Transformd provides high performing, high availability services and ensure that your data and your customers’ data is secure whilst you maintain full ownership and control over it.

Maintain data control

While your data is stored on our systems, you maintain full ownership and control over it. At any time, you can download a complete copy or delete it. Designed to comply with relevant industry standards: Transformd is ISO27001 Certified.

Complete data encryption

Sophisticated encryption ensures your data is secure from the threat of hackers – both in transit and in storage. When you collect it from your customers, we force https and apply ssl. at rest. We encrypt using AES265 symmetric encryption.

World-class infrastructure

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure we use is sydney-based and designed by AWS certified engineers who follow AWS recommendations and best practises.

Risk Management

To ensure we are managing risk, Transformd regularly conducts third party audit on all of our policies and procedures. We also perform penetration tests and have robust business continuity management in place to prevent incidents. We ensure high availability and mitigate risk with disaster recovery plans.