Third Party Integrations

Popular and powerful integrationsPopular and powerful integrations

Connect and integrate with major platforms for more control over your experience. With the ability to talk to most major platforms – Transformd can access relevant data for a frictionless customer experience.

Ready, set, integrate

Transformd takes the complexity out of third party form integrations, meaning you can focus more on what matters most - your customers. Connect to data services, IT applications and major platforms to eliminate friction and provide powerful capability.

Transformd has many inbuilt integrations with data services and other IT applications that eliminate friction and provide powerful capabilities in serving your customers seamlessly.

We’ll work with your platform

Our developed API framework allows for integration with almost any application. Getting started can take a matter of days as we incorporate your user experience design and IT systems. Once integrated, you can start using Transformd in minutes to create simpler, easier and better customer experiences.

Once integrated, APIs can be included in experiences within minutes through the drag and drop dashboard.