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Why does your organisation need Smart Forms?

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Virtually every business that has an online presence uses a type of digital form, whether it’s a contact form or a lead generation form, newsletter subscription form, you name it. All of these are great, basic ways to interact with your digital visitors. But think about it, these forms have been around for decades. Digital tools have come a long way since, and they have become smarter. How come your forms haven’t? Don’t you think your forms could be doing more for your business?

Smart forms are, as they sound, a smart version of a digital form. They are beautiful, intuitive experiences that help connect the dots and encourage your customers to finish whatever digital process they start. Because of their powerful integrations, smart forms can process information in real time, such as calculations or checking credit scores, or even verifying ID’s, helping your business provide a frictionless customer experience. 

With smart forms you can build in specific logic that will dynamically change the customer journey to match your current customer’s needs. Let’s say your customer is about to apply for a credit card, but they already bank with you. A smart form will only show the fields that are relevant and necessary for your customer to apply for a credit card, without the need to re-enter data you already have. 

This kind of smart customer experience shows that you know your customer and that you are able to anticipate their needs. It’s the equivalent of a teller sitting down with a customer and saying ‘oh, we can skip this section because it doesn’t apply to you’. Only it happens automatically with every single user, every single time.

Smart forms outperform traditional digital forms, but very few businesses have taken advantage of this and here is why.

Traditionally, the only businesses that could afford smart form technology were large corporations with in-house IT/Dev teams to build and maintain this technology. And the ongoing cost to maintain, debug, and re-code these tools made it even more costly to implement. 

But these days new-generation smart forms are simple and affordable SaaS integrations that any organisation can access. Tech businesses like Transformd build and maintain them while you pay on a scalable use-basis. We take care of the coding, debugging, ensuring highest-security measures, and compliance. So all you have to do is configure and integrate, and boom! Smart forms for days, at a fraction of the price. 

The best part is that with smart forms you don’t need to have an IT or development team to create new forms. They’re easy to use and have been designed to be put together by any user. No more old-school IT partner with lingering maintenance issues or costs. 

Forms are often your first impression to a customer. If you have smart forms that are easy to complete, intuitive, can populate data and can do (straight through) real-time decision making, you’re placing your business way ahead of the curve, saving time and money while getting real-time insights. 

So, to answer our initial question, why does your business need Smart Forms? Well, we can boil it down to five points: 

  • Convert more leads into customers, cheaper and quicker  
  • Powerful insights that allow you to control and optimise your customer experience 
  • Integrate with all your key software platforms without any code
  • Save money and time on process handling, tech and compliance
  • Powerful forms that anyone can create. 

Talk to us about seeing what smart forms could do for your organisation.