Smarter, faster, easier digitisation.

How can you bring almost immediate ROI to your business through digital processes?


It’s no secret that migrating to a more digital way of interacting with your customers can bring significant benefits to your business. Digital forms, for example, get information into a business process faster, more efficiently, and with greater accuracy than manual data entry from static forms. From eliminating double-handling, lowering risk, and giving the customer (and employees) a seamless experience, businesses embracing digital transformation are betting on a more cost-efficient way of operating that prioritises bringing value to the customer and allowing employees to focus on meaningful tasks.

At Transformd, there are two primary ways that using our digitisation platform can impact the bottom line of a business. The first is by streamlining operational processes, helping HR onboard new employees without difficulty or removing PDF-based customer interactions. These have a drastic impact on productivity, data and information handling, and time spent on specific processes, translating into clear ROI within months. 

However, the second way Transformd’s automated manual processes bring almost immediate ROI to a business is by simply improving first touch points with a customer, as well as the overall digital experience which help exponentially grow new customer conversion and improve the value of existing customers. 

Clients in the financial services sector, for example, have benefited from updating the first-touch experience for customers applying for new credit cards, increasing credit limits or applying for loans. Other clients have improved their B2B sales model by automating demo request forms and other pre-sales functions that take the customer on a journey through to completing a purchase.

Edith Vilhem, Head of Digital at Teachers Mutual Bank explains, 

The future of the Bank is digital, with plans underway to use new digital technologies and drive automation. We’re partnering with Transformd to create this future.”

At a time when customers – and employees – are demanding a more digital experience and more meaningful interactions, the business case for digital forms couldn’t be clearer. Here are two clear use cases where Transformd can bring almost immediate ROI to your organisation. 


Abandoned forms or applications     

Do you know how many customers you have lost due to a static and unresponsive system? A disjointed customer experience, or a static form? According to research by the Financial Brand “In the Financial Service Industry, 60 to 70% of customers will abandon a form before seeing it through to completion”. We have helped many clients close this gap through our advanced, intuitive digital forms that help customers finish whatever process they start with ease.    


Expanding your product to new audiences 

You might assume that younger generations have a greater expectation for a high-quality digital experience. However that’s not necessarily the case, and making sure your customers are getting the best experience is crucial for success not only across different age groups, but when looking further afield into international markets.

According to a recent Aite report, more than half of all generations—including seniors and baby boomers—reported logging into financial accounts using a desktop or laptop at least once a week. More than 80 percent of millennials reported accessing financial accounts using a smartphone at least once per week. 

At Transformd we are all about digitising experiences for our customers and enabling them to transact with an improved user experience. For many organisations that means turning paper documentation into an online process, whilst for others it’s taking a disconnected solution and turning it into a better and more user friendly experience that connects all of the right systems within the organisation.

Every business runs on a system of agreements, whether these forms are applications forms, onboarding or any other type of agreement forms. Many businesses are still using PDF forms, need-to print agreements and difficult to populate forms that frustrate customers. These forms are often stored all over the place and are not stored into one centralised system within the organisation that allows a simple process of accessing relevant data and future form processes.

The Transformd platform allows for complex workflow capabilities that connect businesses to their staff, clients and stakeholders with unprecedented ease and simplicity. Forget time delays and complex manual processes- relevant data can be populated and verified in minutes, removing all unnecessary manual touchpoints. And the best part is, the whole process is easy to set up, easy to use and will revolutionise your business from both a digital experience and operations perspective.

Transformd have recently integrated with Docusign, to further advance our offering. The powerful integration allows for all types of forms to be completed and signed entirely online from the comfort of any device. In the context of digitally transacting with a customer, Transformd is the sentence, while Docusign is the full stop.