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Developing and maintaining exceptional levels of customer experience is the differentiator that consistently keeps leading banking institutions one step ahead of their competitors.

Developing and maintaining exceptional levels of customer experience is the differentiator that consistently keeps leading banking institutions one step ahead of their competitors.

Even prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, banks were under pressure to construct more rewarding digital experiences by engaging with new technologies. Now, that requirement has become absolutely non negotiable. Due to the global crisis and unprecedented demand, the implementation of digital initiatives that were planned over a number of years have been compressed into months. “Business leaders are saying that they’ve accomplished in 10 days what used to take them 10 months,” says Kate Smaje, a senior partner and global co-leader of McKinsey Digital. “That kind of speed is what’s unleashing a wave of innovation, unlike anything we’ve ever seen.”

According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, 45% of Banking executives are set on creating digital ecosystems to enhance customer experience and revenue streams- as they can understand that their customers’ demands are changing, and they require higher flexibility and accessibility. Modern customers want to do their banking anytime, anywhere, and with great ease.

There is no better time for banking and financial institutions to set themselves up for success- and the best way to do this is empowering their customers by delivering an omni channel banking experience. By engaging with customers and stakeholders on their preferred digital and mobile channels, banks not only enhance and simplify customer experience - but drive more consistent interactions across each touchpoint- increasing conversion rates and attracting new customers that want, and need more from their banking experience. 

It’s all about making things easier for your customers and there is no better place to start than with the customer application and onboarding process. This is generally speaking the most time consuming and laborious aspect of the customer journey. In fact, 81% of people have in the past abandoned a form after beginning to fill it out. Many conventional financial application forms are lengthy, filled with complex questions and require documentation that customers do not have at hand- making such high abandonment rates understandable.

Our latest Financial Smart Form Application Accelerator packs perfectly align with your brand’s guidelines providing a visual, simple and effective interaction. All forms are ready to go and include everything you need to deliver an optimal and secure customer experience, with predictive fields, verifiers, length of document indicators and more. 

In fact, Transformd can enrich your banking platform to provide the optimal experience every time- as you can easily save and adjust these forms and create your very own templates. Best of all, our technology is no-code and can be used by any allocated staff member after a short training session, provided by our specialist team. We have worked with countless financial institutions, credit unions and government agencies both in Australia and internationally to increase engagement and ROI, by helping our clients provide their customers with accessible, customer-centric communication on any device, anytime. 

If you would like to know more, we are running scheduled conversations to introduce you to our Smart Form Application Accelerator until the end of February and can provide a complimentary session to your team.

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