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The adoption of digital smart forms is critical to the success of financial services, particularly this year. 2020 was the year of ensuring business continuity, but in 2021 you must look to improve ways to drive membership and revenue through your digital customer experience. In EY’s last year’s research, it was found that “as technology has developed, there has been a rise in customer expectations of banking, [...] FinTechs have shown what is possible and that all banks need a digital plan. For those who are skeptical, since the lockdown we have seen a 72% rise in the use of fintech apps”.

Yet a concerning number of Banking and Financial Services organisations still have many of their revenue-focused processes such as credit card, personal loan and home loan application forms in old, static formats, or on paper forms, creating friction and barriers for customers to transact (Fact: “81% of people have abandoned an online form after beginning to fill it out”). 

This ends up costing the business valuable resources such as time, money and full teams dedicated to maintaining these clunky forms with almost no ROI. Our suggestion? Making a switch to  smart forms! Today, we have made it easier for your organisation to do this- quickly, efficiently and without any coding.



With many banking organisations scrambling to adopt a more “digital” approach, and trying to prioritise revenue-driven projects, we thought we’d help your organisation get ahead of the digital transformation game by packaging up our best-selling services, ready for you to use. Our smart form accelerators. These handy accelerators are ready to go and will instantly help your organisation accelerate the adoption of our powerful smart forms technology to drive growth and reduce operational costs.

Our accelerators come with advanced capabilities already built-in. Here is the list:   

  • Responsive Design
  • Personalised Experience (tokenised data)
  • Document Generation
  • Email address format validation
  • Mobile format validation
  • SMS 2 factor authentication
  • SMS follow ups to restart an application
  • Calculations engine 
  • Address lookups – Mastersoft Harmony
  • Dynamic form elements – based on customer selection
  • SMS and Email service integration
  • Integrations library

And this is just the beginning, from here you can easily keep making your smart forms even smarter with other integrations like e-signature and other software integrations. Our pre-built, intuitive smart forms for banking, enable you to shop around for the forms you want to digitise first, no fuss. You can now seamlessly digitise the following four banking product applications: 

  1. Membership Application Smart Form
  2. Credit Card Application Smart Form
  3. Personal Loan Application Smart Form
  4. Home Loan Application Smart Form

And the best part? You don’t have to wait months to start seeing the benefits, you can experience AND measure them almost immediately!


How does it work? 

These accelerators are pre-built packages that contain all the components of your application forms, like real-time mobile number verification, email address format validation ready to be turned into smart forms. They are really easy to edit if needed, style and match the look and feel of your brand. They work like magic. 

To get onboard with these great smart forms, all you need to do is the following: 

  1. Demo - book a demo to see and experience what your smart forms will look like and their capability. A bit like a show and tell. 
  2. Configuration - once you have decided what components you need, we can configure these to meet compliance requirements, safe requirements and brand styling.
  3. Integration with Website - Once all agreed, you can plug and play. No disruption to the business. Integrate these forms in your digital environment and start converting. 


Why should you get it? 

Our frictionless and intuitive smart forms help you increase credit card, personal and home loan application completions. But in addition to these, our platform can streamline and improve your onboarding customer experience by eliminating all unnecessary touch points. 

Here are some of the benefits we have seen of turning ANY form into smart forms: 

  1. Automating processes and reducing errors 
  2. Speeding up time of completion and processing times
  3. Verifying identity in real time and digitally
  4. Connecting customer data with every relevant system 
  5. Removing barriers to customer onboarding

We have been working with Australian Banks, Credit Unions and Mutual Banks for years, and have always delivered an unparalleled level of privacy and security whilst tailoring our solution to each client’s needs and enabling a very personalised customer experience.

These Accelerators will make sure you start providing an outstanding digital customer experience in no-time (no building time, code debugging, etc) reduce operational costs and deliver your most optimal ROI, now!


About Transformd:

Transformd is a low code SAAS HTML5 form platform that enables you to deliver outstanding digital customer experiences and business process automation in a smarter, faster and easier way than ever before.

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