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DocuSign and Smart Forms: The ultimate user experience combo

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Throughout with course of 2020, many organisations have been scrambling to quickly digitise or convert cumbersome, paper-based processes. As processing operations shut down or moved to remote working, it became business-critical to replace these services with digital tools. As the need to onboard customers and process information skyrocketed, traditional application forms rapidly became smart forms.

A vital part of this shift to digital applications is allowing customers to use an e-signature. We are proud to have partnered with DocuSign to make our Smart Forms extra powerful and ensuring our clients can provide an exceptional service to their customers. DocuSign lets the user finalise any legally binding contracts and documents online without any fuss.

Helping customers start and finish applications online quickly, easily and safely, when over-the-phone or in-person assistance is under increasing capacity-pressures is a better way to provide an outstanding customer experience. This in turn helps to improve customer engagement and conversion and transforms a stressful situation into something intuitive, maybe even enjoyable, for your customer. This is what we call a Smart Form.

“In the context of digitally transacting with a customer, Transformd is the sentence and DocuSign the full stop”

Are Smart Forms different from our existing PDF forms?

A static PDF form normally requires customers to download the document, physically sign it, to then scan it and mail or email it to the recipient. This process is lengthy, cumbersome, and prone to human error.

Smart Forms on the other hand are intuitive, user friendly, and can easily integrate other platforms as required. This way you can build rich connections with your customers and fulfil their needs and a fast and efficient way.
Smart Forms have been a huge success with our clients because of a couple of key features:

  • It’s a simple set up process that can be done by anyone in your organisation
  • The drag-and-drop form builder means no need to add any code
  • Intelligent forms let you skip or change questions depending on the user’s traits
  • Pre-populating fields for customers pull information from internal platforms
  • Save-and-finish-later features let users finalise the process at their leisure

What are the benefits of DocuSign Smart Forms?

We live in an era where any number of transactions are made in a couple of clicks. Our DocuSign integration makes digital processes extra secure so your customers can safely sign off any digital documents as needed, all in one place. Whether it’s applying for a credit card or signing a mortgage, safety now doesn’t need to include a visit to a physical location.

The powerful integration between DocuSign’s secure sign-off and Transformd’s Smart Forms makes any application a bulletproof execution, regardless of who the user is.

Let’s take a look at a few reasons our clients love this integration:

  • It’s cost-effective, saving time and money
  • ‘Fast turnaround times’ are now hours or minutes, instead of days
  • Friendly and flexible, as easy and intuitive as Netflix
  • Safe, more secure to transact, a greater standardisation across an organisation.

How can you make the leap?

You can start by getting rid of PDF applications that have to be printed, signed, shipped to the customer, and manually filed. ROI starts from day one as you connect your applications straight into your record system.

However, to truly make conversations with your customers insightful, think about how you engage your customers and what information you ask for every time they interact with your business. Personalising their experience, offering products and services tailored to their needs, or simply having them fill out only the information you don’t already have on file, are ways to not only revolutionise your business but your customers’ experience with you.

For help getting started with Smart Forms, get in touch at [email protected]